Here at Colbis Photo we have worked with so many wonderful couples over the years. Being able to create images that have left them stunned! So much so that they've blessed me with wonderful testimonials to our success in making their day the best it can be!

We truly hope to hear your testimonial one day once we've been able to photograph your wedding day, and help you make your dream wedding come true!

See what other people have had to say about how much they loved working with us.

Megan and Michael Bauer

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More than just a Photographer -

Colbe took hundreds of gorgeous photos on our wedding day (despite the rain!) that my wife and I will cherish forever, but the photo that really sums up Colbis Photo wasn't taken by Colbe at all. One of our bridesmaids captured a shot of Colbe, with one camera under each arm, assisting my soon-to-be wife (and her 15lb dress) down a flight of stairs prior to the beginning of our ceremony. There were a lot of reasons that initially drove us to hire Colbis Photo for our wedding, but it was seeing THAT picture that confirmed for me that we made the correct choice.

See, what I learned during my wedding is that there's more to a good photographer than good shots. Anyone with a decent phone can take a good picture (I've taken some stunners of my own with my iPhone 6), and there are probably dozens of other photographers in the NW Ohio area whose pictures and prices are just as good as Colbe's. The difference is, you get more than just great photos with Colbis Photo. You get professionalism... patience... vision... feel... You get a passion for the art and for the moment that rivals the passion between the two people getting married. And since you can't teach passion, you've got to take it when you have the chance. Colbis Photo is your chance.

Colbe went from a stranger at a wedding show, to our engagement photographer, to our wedding photographer, to our friend. He's a great photographer and an even better guy. You'd be lucky to have him shoot your wedding.

Greer and Matt Bowley

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The Perfect Balance of Professionalism and Personal Touch -

Based on my experience with Colbis Photo here is my take aways...

Colbe is a fantastic photographer. He is a master of lighting, and capturing candid moments.

He really breaks down any inhibitions you have about having your photo taken. He wants you to have fun on your day and not stress at all. He genuinely cares about your marriage. He wants you to be on cloud9 all day and make sure everything is going smoothly and wants you to really enjoy your time with him.

He not only wants you to have great images, but he also wants you to enjoy your time with him, and based on my experience you won't be disappointed!

He is extremely charismatic and upbeats and that even shows in the people he hires to help him. You find yourself thinking of him and his staff as friends and guests on the big day but somehow at the end of it they put in some real work that shows in the final products.

Best man for the job no doubt!

Julia and Jake Jennings

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Amazing! Look no further! -

Colbe and Matt were fantastic! A few days before Colbe texted me with backup plans in case it rained on the day of my wedding. No bride likes rain on their wedding day but Colbe did everything in his power to make sure the day was perfect.

Colbe was so encouraging and positive even though I was quite upset with the weather. He had indoor spots in mind where we could get shots before we headed to the reception. These spots were perfect. Colbe and Matt were so goofy that it helped make our “laughing pictures” seem authentic (since I cannot fake laugh for the life of me).

Matt and Colbe were such a great pair and I hope you guys get to experience how great these guys are. They truly will make your day full of laughs, effortless, and beautiful. I wouldn’t have been able to choose anyone better!

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