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Your company has an image, a brand, a status to uphold. Showcasing that brand through high quality imagery and video is paramount to letting your customers know what you stand for. Understanding that the first thing people see on your website, social media, TV, and youtube is the photos and videos demonstrates the importance of these visual medias on drawing in your ideal customer. One of the most difficult aspects of having a business is maintaining consistency in your brand, with so many people adding to the pot it's difficult to keep that same look and feel across the board. That is why Colbis Photo can be an integral part of your business media. Creating that style for you that entices new prospects and keeps old clients coming back for more. Let us show you how we can make you stand out!

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Offering high quality headshots for your personal or company needs. Maintaining a clean and more importantly consistent look that will match your branding and showcase you, and your staff in the "best light possible". With options for pure white, gray, or black backgrounds, and even environmental. Can be done on location for your convenience, or in studio.

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Marketing and Social media content is one of the best ways to show what your company is all about. Presenting a clean and inviting environment to your clients not only helps convince them to come in, but it also gives them peace of mind before they even enter the door! By using professional lighting to further increase the look and feel your brand is going for, you can rest assured that we will display your company exactly how you intended.

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Architectural & Real Estate

Google uses your location to help promote you across SEO. Having some images displayed  not only helps people find you on search engines, but also helps them find you in real life.  Additionally this can give a client a real feel for what to expect when they walk through your door. 

Real Estate photography helps sell homes, having beautiful images of the inside and outside of your home will give potential buyers a great sense of what to expect. Increasing your leads in paramount when selling a house let our beautiful images do that for you!

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Personal Branding

Are you a one man band, or small group of professionals in need of imagery to promote yourselves through digital and print marketing? Lawyers, photographers, real estate agents, promotional speakers and so many more who just need clean beautiful imagery. Colbis Photo can help you get the images and video required to up your presence!

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